Voilà – French Collection

Voilà is an exhibition of many parts yet speaks as one body of work, resulting from the artist’s residency in France in the latter part of 2022.

For years I have held a desire to immerse myself in France – from the architecture to the everyday moments that are intrinsic to the lives of the people. After years of waiting, I traveled around France for three months.

Artist Statement

I expected to be excited by French architecture –and I was! However, I was surprised by the constant delight I felt drawing the neoclassical statues that abound in the capital.

The genesis of the idea to travel and draw in France was sharpened by delving into Brett Whitley’s 1989 “Paris Regard de Côté” – where he explored his drawing virtuosity while depicting the essence of his artistic inspiration in Paris.

The challenge for me was to work on a series of drawings that challenged my skill as a draftsperson, creating a body of work that exhibited my creative vision of France.

I wanted to explore the range of drawing approaches and mediums –and how the act of creation could influence the essence of my vision for a place so steeped in history.

Voilà in French can mean, “look there, or “there you go” in English. I use it as an expression of accomplishment and success. ‘Voila’ accurately describes in French my journey as an artist to create drawings that appear effortless and natural. In English ‘Voila’ truthfully represents all the blood, sweat, and tears the ongoing dedication it takes to proclaim… Voilà!

Drawing pigeons - Voilà Vixer 2

The medium rewards effusive mark-making, allowing stories to be told and real or imagined worlds created.

- Ralph Hobbs
Voilà - French Collection installation - Nanda/Hobbs Gallery


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