Urban Beauty Collection

2022 / Nightwalker, Urban Explorers and Kicking On - charcoal drawings on paper 102 x 102cm / Urban Beauty - Sculpture - discarded broken urban detritus. 58cm(h) x 38cm (w) x 42cm (l)

Walking is essential for my health and arts practice. I need it to survive and connect with life outside my studio. My studio is 3 kilometres from the Cooks River, in south-eastern Sydney.

Artist Statement

I rise early to walk there to think and collect before I start work. This routine is as important to me as a morning coffee. While on my daily stride I instinctively gather many broken bits of urban detritus. I do this because I see beauty in the fragmented, dirty, and discarded and like to think about how I can transform my random finds into art.

On a trip to France in 2022 I fell in love with drawing from statues.

Back home with my collected broken treasures, I made my own statue to look and draw from.

My artworks combine my compulsive need to walk, collecting, make and ultimately draw.

During the pandemic lockdown we were delighted parts of the Greenway Corridor were in out 5-kilometre lockdown limit. What a treat this treasure was to have in our backyard. It was during this time we became more aware of the creative potential and inspiration that could be found in our neighbourhood.

The Greenway corridor is our fun park to explore, listen, think, collect, and exercise.

As Inner West artists we are part of its urban ecology, it is critical to our creative practices and well-being.  We walk it many times a week, exploring walks, waterways, under bridges and parks, recording sounds and collecting broken odds and ends. After each walk, we return to the studio to examine and make artworks out of our treasures of recorded sounds and refuse.

‘Urban Explorers’ – Jody Graham & Mark Cauvin
Highly Commended in 2022 Greenway Art Prize


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