Treasures of Truth

2018 / Ongoing installation of hundreds of decorated boxes, small bottles, and objects containing personal inventory notes / Dimensions variable

Treasures of Truth is an ongoing artwork created with small boxes and bottles, combined with discarded objects I pick up on my daily walk. Each container stores a fragment of my life.

Artist Statement

I am an alcoholic in recovery, it is important I take daily inventory of my character so I can appreciate good things and learn about my shortcomings to stay sober. Each inanimate object placed on a box reflects the handwritten note inside.

I maintain an ongoing inventory of my shortcomings while occasionally acknowledging positive actions. It is essential for me to comprehend my own thinking patterns and motivations, doing this helps me feel connected to myself and the world around me. To energise this practice, each week I open several boxes then read and act on the contents inside. The action I take is determined by what I read, in may involve performing a good deed, ringing a friend, or quietly reflecting on gratitude.

This aspect of "Treasures of Truth" is the essential component that has helped me experience personal growth.

Small items on each package reflect the note inside. The objects I use have been gathered on my daily walks. I'm curious about broken and discarded objects, their history before I found them. I find beauty in their brokenness and feel a strong urge to give them a new purpose and extend their life beyond a rubbish heap. I believe this directly correlates to my own brokenness from addiction. My compulsive need to salvage connects to my deep desire to be better than the person I was when I was drinking, to aim for higher and achieve the potential inherent in me.

"Treasures of Truth" has been exhibited in Hawkesbury Regional Gallery April 2023

I'm curious about broken and discarded objects, their history before I found them.

Continued from above...

An unexpected manifestation that is occurring by adding discarded items, is the realisation I am collecting detritus from our times. Many of the things I'm using will soon become obsolete. I'm creating my own miniature museum of broken treasures and insights on little notes from my time as an artist in the 21st century.

The "Treasures of Truth" project has become an essential part of my life. It has given me a greater sense of gratitude and insight into myself and others. Through this practice, I have discovered my own truths, fears, dreams, and actions, are common to many people. This awareness has given me greater compassion and empathy humanity and the struggles we all face.

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