Drawn from the Discarded

A collection of drawing implements I made from objects found walking about in urban alleyways, on the side of the road and in the bush.

My arts practice is built on a circular future ethos, I reuse and transform detritus I discover walking around.

I am trying to be resourceful with what I find.

Artist Statement

I walk a lot, constantly collecting discarded material such as bones, twisted branches, string, rope, and any other treasures that come into my path. When I find castoff and broken items, I think about the life of the object and how I can transform and extend its existence.

Alongside my daily stride, I seek new ways to explore how to make marks. To do this I often abandon traditional drawing and painting techniques in search of new methodologies which connect the drawing experience to a fundamental need to make marks.

I used to bind many of my tools with nature dyed fabrics. I did this to connect with nature and to consume less. I also like the colour and smell of natural dyes.

I love arranging my mark making tools. This reminds me of a shed when the tools are hanging up and in an order the user understands. Sometimes there is a relationship to the objects and why they are placed near each other.

My mark making tools are special to me, precious objects and treasures.

Drawing with rock and bone

Often, I have to carry all sorts of weird stuff I collect when walking. Including dead animals. Sometimes things smell. I like that too.

Some Works made using my Drawing Tools...


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