Wild Thing
I draw with gloves I invented while listening to recorded bird noises. I do this, so my drawing movements respond to the calls I am hearing. My aim is to capture the energy I feel, see and hear connected to Australian birdlife.
Voilà – French Collection
Voilà is an exhibition of many parts yet speaks as one body of work, resulting from the artist’s residency in France in the latter part of 2022.
Drawn from the Discarded
A collection of drawing implements I made from objects found walking about in urban alleyways, on the side of the road and in the bush.
Sound Drawing – Jody Graham & Mark Cauvin
A collaboration to create real-time performances of visual sound, presented by the two as installation art accompanied by exhibits of drawings, paintings, and artist tools.
Artworks made in the aftermath of Australian bushfires. (Mark Making & Trashed)
Treasures of Truth
2018 / Ongoing installation of hundreds of decorated boxes, small bottles, and objects containing personal inventory notes / Dimensions variable

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