Treasures of Truth

A4 size, 40 page, colour picture book, containing many images and insight into Jody Grahams 'Treasures of Truth' project. The book includes instructions on how to embark on your own creative writing and journalling project.


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Additional Information

Additional information

Treasures of Truth is an ongoing artwork created with small boxes and bottles, combined with discarded objects I pick up on my daily walk. Each container stores a fragment of my life and awareness I gained to help me stay on a path of curiosity, growth and recovery from alcohol addiction.

Artist Statement about Treasures of Truth project...

To feel comfortable and connected to the world I need to know how I tick and why I do the things I do. For many years I have been recording a daily inventory of something I could have done better. Occasionally, I would balance this out by recognizing a good thought, deed or act by myself or another. After 6 months of doing this project it ceased to give me the insight I was seeking, daily notes became repetitive and tedious. I hadn’t achieved the deeper understanding and spiritual connection I was seeking, so I changed tact. For the next six months I reached into my pile of treasures, randomly selecting one out each day. After reading the contents, I worked out how to act on them, later recording awareness I gained in a new box. I added a small item on each package that reflected the note inside.

This was a remarkable experience and has given me more gratitude and clearer insight into myself and others. I discovered my truths, fears, dreams and actions are similar to many. This awareness provides me with greater compassion and empathy for mankind and the struggles we all face.



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