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Throughout history, the act of drawing has been an immediate response to the seen experience. The hand and eye work instinctively moving charcoal, ink, or pencil around paper...
Jody Graham – 'Getting Pinked' by Rick O'Brien
While drawing forms the core of Jody Graham’s art, she uses unconventional tools, found objects, and idiosyncratic approaches to explore the boundaries of contemporary art practice.
Getting Pinked - Black Summer Bushfires - Jody Graham
(Mt Wilson, Old School House & BigCi Artist Residencies)
Bird drawings with burnt wood from the 2019/2020 Black Summer fires.
Jody Graham drawing with burnt branches from Black Summer fires. Photo credit: Graeme Wienand Drawing with charcoal from the Australian 2019/2020 Black Summer Bushfires. Drawing is at the core of my arts practice, and I often use unconventional tools and approaches to investigate contemporary drawing practice. Several weeks after the 2019/2020 Black Summer megafires swept throughout Australia […]
'Borderline' is essentially a self-portrait which fuses two people, the other being Julian Horne, who I was in a relationship with for seven years.
Love and Loss by Jody Graham
Love and loss are powerful motivators, persistently compelling me to act with more thought and care.
Scratching the Surface: on Jody Graham's ‘Witnesses’ Exhibition by Dr Bill Schaffer
Jody Graham’s fascination with birds began long ago as an almost involuntary response to the warbling of magpies and the strange desolate cries of crows.
Interupting the World: on Jody Graham's 'After the Rain' by Dr Bill Schaffer
In creating the After the Rain series, Jody Graham literally dragged her materials through mud and rain to produce images that express the transient ‘sheen’ that transfigures a forest immediately after a shower.

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