Blue Mountains Portraits 2021
Blue Mountains Portraits is the Cultural Centre’s annual celebration of the local community and its diverse members. The exhibiting artists portray the unique people that make up the cultural fabric of the Blue Mountains and tell the stories behind the person.
Bird drawings with burnt wood from the 2019/2020 Black Summer fires.
Jody Graham drawing with burnt branches from Black Summer fires. Photo credit: Graeme Wienand Drawing with charcoal from the Australian 2019/2020 Black Summer Bushfires. Drawing is at the core of my arts practice, and I often use unconventional tools and approaches to investigate contemporary drawing practice. Several weeks after the 2019/2020 Black Summer megafires swept throughout Australia […]
Drawing the Wonderful World of Birds in Mixed Media with Jody Graham
Birds are a constant companion to lots of us. Many have unique encounters or special relationships with them. It’s a rewarding experience to watch and listen to their beauty, behaviour and bird song as they...
Expressive Drawing Workshops with Jody Graham at Art Est Art School
A series of monthly workshops to help you understand and learn exciting, expressive drawing skills. Each workshop will focus on a particular area of drawing and artmaking, which will...
Sound Drawing Performance - BigCi - Bilpin
Sound Drawings An innovative dialogue between the creative disciplines of sound and drawing. Jody Graham & Mark Cauvin Sound Drawing Instruments. Jody Graham and Mark Cauvin perform a duet responding to each other’s creative practice. Mark is an improvisor and composer who will be playing the double bass and Jody is a multidisciplinary artist who […]
The 66th Blake Prize - Finalist
I am very pleased to be a finalist in the 66th Blake Prize with my artwork 'Trashed'.
WILDfire Project - Old School Residency - Mt Wilson
I very pleased to announce I have been awarded a four-week residency at The Old School Mt Wilson to develop my WILDfire project.
Wild and Wonderful Expressive Drawing in Mixed Media
This is a fun and inspiring drawing workshop that will push you into new directions and expand your drawing and mark making skills. The class starts with a series of...
11th Greenway Art Prize 2020
These two works are a response to urbanisation removing a lot of natural habitat for native plants and animals. Small birds like the Australain Golden Whistler and Superb Fairy Wren, are dependent on...
Gosford Art Prize 2020
Finalist in 2020 Gosford Art Prize with 'Endured'. Exhibition dates - 26 September to 29 November 2020 at Gosford Regional Art Gallery.
Artist in Residence Program - The Old School Mt Wilson
Four residencies for October 2020 to June 2021 have been awarded for The Old School Mt Wilson. I am very pleased to announce I have been awarded a four week residency to develop my Wildfire project.
2020 Jacaranda Acquisitive Drawing Award
'Zoomed' - selected as a finalist in 2020 Jacaranda Acquisitive Drawing Award.
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