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Art Collector - Ways of Seeing
Drawings made in France are exhibited alongside over twenty larger charcoal artworks inspired by French architecture, bridges, and statues. The sense of movement coupled with the detritus of the French cultural landscape provides a constant thread throughout...
BIG Draw - JADA Art Battle
Jody Graham is one of eight artists who have been selected to participate in The Big Draw at Grafton Regional Gallery, 158 Fitzroy Street Grafton, NSW, 2460 Saturday 24 September 2022 from 4pm to 6pm.
Fibre Arts Take Two - Friday Feature Artist
I am Friday Feature Artist with Fibre Arts take Two  - Friday 6pm, 26th August 2022. Come and join me online in my studio chatting about my arts practice.
Avant-Garde Weirdo meets Road Kill Artist
It was late September 2017 when a visual artist encountered an experimental musician at Arthur and Yvonne Boyd’s bequest property, established in bush on the left bank of the Shoalhaven River 15 km inland from Nowra and about 170 km south of Sydney.

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