Drawing Australian Birdlife

Drawing Australian Birdlife - A Workshop that will teach you how to capture the awe-inspiring beauty, movement and characteristics of birds.

In this full day class - you will learn both simple and comprehensive mixed media techniques to help you create visually captivating artworks. Demonstrations throughout the day are designed to develop a more rigorous, looser drawing approach and aid in letting go of perfectionism. It's all about having fun and getting into a creative flow state.

Your visual literacy, observation skills and individual expression will feel revived!

Lessons cater for beginners, intermediate and advanced students and are held in an accessible venue with a cafe onsite.

This is a popular workshop - Book now to secure your spot!

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Portland Workshops with Jody Graham

My goal in each of these workshops is to help you master the art of expressive drawing. I will demonstrate drawing methods and ideas to broaden your creative knowledge and teach you contemporary drawing techniques to enhance your art-making skills.

Whether you're a beginner looking to build confidence or an experienced artist in search of ongoing inspiration, this course is crafted to cater to a diverse range of needs.

Workshops are hosted in accessible spaces, creating a comfortable and inclusive environment for all participants.

Join in these exciting art classes and embark on a transformative artistic journey to discover and develop your creative voice.

It is possible to book into one class only or a few.

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Portland Workshops Series

1.Expressive Drawing - Exciting Possibilities of Line

23rd March, Saturday 2023



2. Mood, Tone, and Atmosphere in Mixed Media Drawings and Paintings.

27th April, Saturday 2024


Drawing Australian Birdlife - 1 day workshop.

25th May, Saturday 2024




4. Expressive Portraits with Ink, Colour, Collage

29th June, Saturday 2024



5. Back by popular demand - Expressive Drawing with Jody Graham

27th July, Saturday 2024



6. The Magic of Charcoal

31st August, Saturday 2024



7. Develop Plein air sketches into finished artworks - Focus on urban & natural Landscape (2-day workshop)

28/29th September, Sat/Sun 2024



8. Expressive drawing to sound, including demonstration performance and life drawing with musician model

26th October, Saturday 2024




Expressive Drawing at Willoughby Arts Centre


A dynamic drawing 1-day workshop, tailored for adults seeking a fresh perspective on contemporary drawing! Immerse yourself in a world of inspiration, where every drawing project unfolds with a diverse array of ideas, innovative concepts, and meticulously crafted lesson plans.

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Soundscapes – A creative immersive workshop with Jody Graham

"Join an immersive 3-hour sound drawing art workshop and embark on a creative journey, where you'll make your own drawing instruments to explore the  connection between sound and art. Come and learn how to express yourself through a symphony of lines and colours. In this lively and enjoyable workshop, you'll draw to the rhythm of composed sounds and music, learning how to create expressive marks that translate what you hear into visual artworks, bridging the gap between auditory and visual creativity.


The workshop's ultimate goal is to harness sound and use it to dive into a new realm of artistic expression."


Venue: Marrickville Library Pavilion

Date: Friday 12th January 2024

Time: 10am – 1pm - Materials supplied.

*Feel free to bring your own sketch or notebook
Experience: Open to all levels of experience

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Images: Jody Graham's drawings listening to sound by Mark Cauvin

Expressive Drawing Workshop at Portland NSW

Embark on an exhilarating artistic adventure in a one-day drawing extravaganza! Immerse yourself in a whirlwind of creativity and delve into the realms of expressive, gestural, sensitive, and innovative drawing techniques. This isn't just a workshop; it's a high-octane boot camp designed to supercharge your drawing skills and unleash your artistic potential.


Picture this: a day filled with captivating projects, some as brief and beautiful as a fleeting moment, others offering a more profound exploration. Enrol now to ignite your passion for drawing, elevate your skills, and redefine your approach to materials and mark making.

This isn't your ordinary drawing class—it's a journey through the realms of line and tone, a celebration of diverse mark-making and a masterclass in composition.

Get ready to push the boundaries of your creativity!

*This workshop is designed for all levels of experience with all drawing materials supplied.

*Feel free to bring along additional drawing material.

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2 day - Drawing Bootcamp


Wednesday 10th & Thursday 11th Jan 2024
Art Est Art School
10 Hill Street,
Leichhardt NSW 2042


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Exhibition of New Work

Within this collection, you will find an eclectic array of creations, each a unique expression born from the diverse methods through which Jody Graham explores and interprets visual wonders that have captured her imagination.

Get Your Sketchbooks Out!

Sketchbooks are great to draw in, no matter where you are. They are fantastic to take everywhere and easy to start drawing in. The trick is to know how to make it relaxed and accessible so you can effortlessly - just do it!

Using a sketchbook is like doing regular exercise, the more you do it the better you get, and let’s face it who doesn’t want to make impressive drawings and have a stash of beautiful sketchbooks that reflect our life and travels.

Come with me for two days to learn how to kick start the treasured discipline of sketchbook drawing. This two-day workshop will involve studio work and going outside and drawing from the urban surroundings, as well as some indoor Café drawing.

Without doubt this will help you become a better artist who is constantly inspired and creative.

Expressive Drawing Workshop

Drawing - an insightful and dynamic endeavour of the mind and body

Come and enjoy an intensive workshop all about drawing - expressive, gestural, sensitive, and raw! Enjoy two days packed with techniques to super charge countless drawing possibilities. Lots of projects to immerse yourself in, some beautifully brief, others longer. Come along to this intensive two-day boot camp to fire up your drawing skills and develop your personal handling of materials and mark making.


Some things you can expect to cover in this drawing workshop are line & tone, variety in mark making, mixed media, texture, and composition.

*Some drawing skills recommended

$250 BDAS Members   $300: non-members

Book: 4861 4093 or